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This website will provide you with a library of data
on ferrous and nickel-base alloys.
Do you need stainless assitance?

We help facilitate the interpretation of technical data, address technical issues, prepare technical reports, undertake failure analysis, review specifications and carry out material audits, and provide welding guidance..

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Clients Served
* Duratek
*City of South bend
*City of Flint
*Hatch Associates
*H. Fontaine
*E&I Industries
*Gwin Dobson & Foreman
*Carollo Engineers
*Metcalf & Eddy
*L.A. City and Water
*RTW Professional *Engineers
*PSI Pipe
Do you need market, business, or strategic planning assistance?
We also undertake business, market, and strategic planning for companies and corporations. We help people plan and prepare for new product introductions, short and long term growth, and undertake project management and facilitation of issue resolution.


Clients Served
*Nickel Institute
*Darco International

*State of West Virginia Development Office
*Ulbrich Wire
*Ulbrich Stainless and Specialty Metals
*HDACO/Byrd Center
*Marshall University
*Copper Development Association
* Goodwill Industries KYOWVa